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Teaching your child the fundamentals of swimming is an important part of the swim season. But, all work and no play can tire little ones out quickly. If you're trying to entice a child into the pool or just looking for a fun way to spice up a swim lesson, why not reward children with fun games to play in the pool. 

They'll think they're just playing a game when you know they're continuing to build confidence and practising important swim techniques in Pickering. Check out some of the games below to help liven up your family's next backyard swim.


Diving/Retrieving Games

Kids love diving for sunken treasure! Sink a few pennies or a set of old keys to the bottom of the pool and let your child hunt for their underwater prize. Older kids can jump or dive in from the deeper end of the pool, while more novice swimmers will enjoy playing the game on the steps of the pool. 

Tag Games

Just as you loved the classic pool game "Sharks and Minnows" when you were a kid, your children are sure to love this fun tag-style water game. One older kid (or adult!) is chosen to be the shark. He or she starts in the middle of the deep end of the pool, while all the rest of the children are on the side waiting to jump in. 

Fun Games To Play In the Pool
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