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Chicken breast is a staple in most bodybuilding nutrition programs because it is an excellent source of lean protein. But if you buy it on a daily basis, the whole chicken will cost a lot of money.

To spend less or save money, many bodybuilders prefer to buy frozen boneless skinless whole chicken breast, which is usually less expensive than fresh chicken. However, most frozen chicken breast fillets are pumped full of soy, sodium, and other fillers to fill up chicken breasts, gain weight, and make them bigger.

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If you notice that your frozen chicken breast shrinks a lot after cooking and comes out with very white chunks, that's a sign of low-quality frozen chicken breast. On the other hand, it is much better to eat fresh chicken as it is the best choice in terms of taste and quality, but fresh chicken is more expensive than frozen chicken.

The good news is that grocery stores regularly sell fresh chicken, sometimes for half the price. So check out grocery store flyers and when you see sales like this one, you can stock up and fill your freezer. This way, you can make your own healthy frozen chicken breast from fresh. And save money in the process.

Fresh Vs Frozen Chicken Breasts