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There is a widespread belief that painting the bricks on homes was only performed at the time of the turn into the 20th century. Many of the historic brick homes were painted before the start of their lifespan and there were a myriad of reasons for this.

Bricks were painted to conceal modifications such as repairs, or bricked up doors or windows. Another goal was to cover years of grime, coal soot and graffiti. Paint can be easily removed from your bricks with professional paint removal from brick services.

The painting was done to seal the old spalled bricks as well as to hide and protect the bricks of poor quality. The last motive was to create an aesthetic element. 

Removing paint correctly could be a daunting task but it has to be executed in the correct way. Pressure washing and sandblasting are probably the fastest techniques, however being honest, using equipment like this at older structures is something to be prevented.

Sandblasting and pressure washing are efficient methods to remove the bricks' exterior along with the solution employed could result in surface imperfections or alter the brick's color.

But, even low-pressure washers and soft chemical solutions can cause moisture to penetrate the brick and cause damage. The likelihood of damage is increased if bricks aren't dried out prior to the arrival of cold weather.

In this situation using professionals to get rid of paint is the best way to remove the paint from your floors and walls during your work.

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