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Creating a good collection of mechanical watches requires understanding that it takes a certain level of dedication. As the passion for high-end sports cars, the acquisition phase is just the first step.

What Is A Watch Winder?

A watch winder is simply a device that is plugged into a battery or has a power that keeps the watch moving to reproduce the effect of its wearing. You can find the best watch winder via

watch winder

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This will ensure that the mainspring stays coiled. A good watch winder has a quiet motor and allows you to set the speed per day (TPD) so you can customize it for your particular watch.

This means that if you only wear your timepiece on special occasions, it can be carefully “wound” while you are not using it, ensuring that it stays running and displaying the correct time and date.

Do I Need A Watch Winder?

Depending on who you ask, turning a watch is either an indispensable weapon in a collector's arsenal or a useless expense for people with more money than common sense.

The first case usually focuses on the various oils and lubricants that are essential for smooth movement. They are used to reduce friction in many parts and prevent metal-to-metal contact to extend component life. If the watch is inactive for too long, this oil can dry out, clot, or migrate, which can seriously affect its performance.

Everything You Need to Know About Watch Winders
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