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Why change the water heater?

As a homeowner, although your kettle is an integral part of generating energy in your home, it is also an integral part of your electricity bill. 

In fact, they account for about 60% of your household energy bill. Then it seems appropriate to lower source costs by ensuring your boiler is as efficient as possible. You can get free online quotes as well for boiler replacement at

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Let us explain

Boilers are classified according to their efficiency. The older your boiler is, the less efficient and less efficient your boiler is, the more energy is lost. In fact, older condensing boilers have up to 30% less energy efficient than modern condensing boilers. 

They cause more carbon dioxide emissions and do not completely and efficiently regulate the heat output. In comparison, modern condensing boilers generate, regulate and store heat more efficiently and have better heating control. Because of this, they cause less carbon dioxide emissions.

The advantage

• Save:

Saving energy is saving money. Replacing your boiler with a more efficient one can save you up to 300 euros per year!

• Energy saving:

Saving energy means using less energy, which in turn reduces CO2 emissions. By upgrading your boiler, you are contributing to global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Everything You Need To Know About Boiler Replacement