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Employee attendance management is certainly one of the most important workplace challenges facing employers today. High absenteeism leads to lost productivity, poor service quality, inefficient work structures, increased costs, and lower employee morale. Several factors in the workplace such as shift schedule, travel time, work mode, etc. can cause an employee to resign. Attitudes and stressors such as organizational commitment, stress, absenteeism culture, job satisfaction, etc can also cause frequent absences in the organization. 

However, an effective legal framework and strategy must take into account all the facts and circumstances to better deal with absenteeism. Long-term and permanent short-term absences interfere with teamwork. Important elements in developing an attendance policy are communication strategies, clear human procedures, re-employment interviews, manager training, effective recruitment, and review procedures. A realistic and robust personnel absenteeism logger should be developed and implemented in every organization to address the uncertain challenges posed by employee absenteeism. 

Attendance management system and ways to keep track of attendance

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Management must take precautions to manage attendance in a clear and consistent process. Preventive measures include managing career expectations, changing job design, flexible working conditions, restoring loyalty and trust, improving individual health, etc. It is important for the employee to know that he or she is going to meet or exceed expectations, being rewarded for hard work in an appropriate way through a raise, bonus, or other rewards.

A typical vacation management system should provide support and guidance at various stages of the attendance management process. The system must be properly validated so that attendance policies and procedures are consistent with the goals and objectives of the organization. Every employee must attend regularly and follow the absentee reporting guidelines. Each supervisor must take the necessary steps to support and help employees during sick leave to carefully monitor and record absences.

Eminent Features Of An Employee Attendance System In An Organization