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It seems that every child lately has been using a pacifier or sucking their thumb to stay happy. Many parents wonder about their thumb sucking habit and how it affects the teeth that will grow. Children usually leave this phase before tooth formation is badly damaged.

In other cases, however, children continue to move in this habit for years. Here is some information on how thumb sucking can alter the normal development of a bite. You can visit the Amazon UK website to purchase devices for finger sucking hindrance for children.

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First, understand that thumb sucking is a very natural thing that children can do. Some babies actually suck their thumb or finger while they are in the womb. These techniques are used to help children become more comfortable and relaxed around them.

By around 3 or 4 years of age, most children give up the habit and bite formation remains normal. Children who continue this practice until permanent teeth appear usually have problems.

Some of the things that can happen if a child doesn't stop sucking his thumb is that the jawbone can change completely. This is because at this point the jawbone is still flexible and soft and can still be shaped.

Teeth that begin to grow are usually misaligned and misplaced due to thumb suction. Often, the dental arch narrows and the upper palate points upwards and begins to become inflamed outward. At the bottom of the mouth, the teeth are pushed in.

Effects of Thumb Sucking on Teeth