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Dentistry is a very sensible old profession – as long as one knows about tooth decay, there is bound to be someone who can fill in the cracks, holes, and chips of teeth. Like any other field of care that everyone still alive should have at some point in their life, dentistry is a big money-making industry.

The most important part of the whole dental experience is of course the dentist and also these are the people who make it all possible. There are many companies that also provide dentist recruitment services. You can also browse this site to get more information about dental recruitment agency.

Dentists often attend school for several years to learn the intricacies of dentistry. It is therefore not surprising that dentists may need assistance in other areas of their work. Dental assistants ensure that dentists can see and care for as many people as possible.

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This is achieved by performing tasks that are not directly related to performing the procedure in the patient’s mouth. The general duties of a dental assistant can vary widely and this also depends on the size of the dental office.

In the case of minor operations with only one dentist, the assistant often performs all other tasks, including but not limited to: secretarial work, cleaning, accounting.

In larger operations where someone else is hired to run the business, dental assistants can only perform traditional tasks such as preparing patients, administering sedatives, and retrieving equipment during surgery. In this scenario, the assistant works as two extra hands for the dentist.

Duties Of A Dental Assistant