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India, a democracy with a vibrant economy, rich history, and kaleidoscopic diversity, attracts students to study and conduct research in many academic areas. In line with the Institute of International Education open doors for students surveyed in India during the 2018-19 academic year. 

What's drawing students to India now? Americans pursue language analysis, cultural research, and service-learning, internships, individual research, and degree programs at Indian universities. You can discover life by exploring India in many ways according to your requirements. 


Investigation of this economy, the natural environment, public health, law, and business can be found as well as cultural studies in history, literature, arts, and beliefs. 

India has traditionally been regarded as a nation that sends rather than receives international learners, but a large number of students from elsewhere are currently opting to study in India, with the nation composed of more than 30,000 international students every year.

With the world's second-largest population (after China), and also a fast-growing and influential market, it's unsurprising that India's higher education system has undergone rapid expansion over the past couple of decades. 

India currently has among the largest higher education systems in the world (after China and the US) — as well as to an outsider, perhaps one of the very complex. There are hundreds and thousands of schools and colleges in India to pick from, of several diverse types, sizes, specializations, and roots, some state-run, others private.

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