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Cosmetic dentistry is used by the dentist to improve the smile of the patient. Generally, cosmetic dentistry covers many dental processes.

But, some of the different cosmetic dentistry treatments are listed below, have a look at them:

Cosmetic Veneers

Veneers are utilized in the treatment of the issues that the bonding process addresses, and maybe the least costly option for crowns. This cosmetic dental treatment takes about 2 sittings in the clinic.

Fixing jagged teeth 

Individuals that are a potential patient for this treatment are people who have crooked or jagged teeth that could trap pieces of food that may cause gum disease or tooth decay. 


This involves using local anesthesia on the patient if needed, then a cosmetic dentist uses a surgical apparatus and heat to remove fragments of the tooth. 

This can help form the gum and adapt to the contour of their new veneers. The operation often requires an hour and frequently lasts between 2-5 long years. 


Also referred to as bleaching, teeth whitening is now a favorite chemical process used by the dentist to remove stains, or simply to whiten the teeth. This dental treatment is among the cheapest and easiest methods to improve your smile and look. 


Cosmetic Dentistry Types in Detail