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The food industry is a place where things happen and as a food company it is very important for us to be aware of what is and is to come.

The process is good; eat and drink and discover what more of the future might see.

Food trends are constantly evolving and sellers know that the recipe for success is to innovate while adding a comfort level to food. You can contact frozen chicken exporters via online sources.

After reviewing menus, yelp reviews, chatting on the internet and visiting the best cafes, pubs, restaurants and sandwiches, we've compiled a list of the best trends that may or may not make it big this year.

Here are some of the trends we discovered and our views on them.

Vegan and plant-based, but not necessarily delicious

It features bubble wrap, avocado filling, Korean red donuts, rice milk matcha latte, and an ominous amount of vegan cheese. But this is what we found; not good.

The vegan option is sought after as more consumers become aware of the atrocities affecting the food industry and that's what we are here for. But does that mean taste is no longer a priority?

This is an open letter for chefs, food experts, and scientists to reconsider.

Food has to taste good, but vegan food has to taste good, especially since taste is the only reason in the box to end centuries of cruelty and exploitation.



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