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Conflict resolution training takes place under different names depending on the course and concentration. Degree programs are also identified by names such as Negotiation Training, Peace Studies, Dispute Resolution, Reconciliation, and Conflict Assessment

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It may also depend on whether a person is aiming for a degree at a business school, law school, department of international relations, department of political science, or a degree in public policy or another program. 

It also determines the types of courses that may be required to meet curriculum requirements. Even though conflict is a fact of life, it is not necessarily a negative thing. Conflict, if handled skillfully, can lead to productivity, innovation and growth. 

This is especially true for business and social negotiations. For example, if someone is a public procurement and procurement broker, they can help the company get the best offer at the best price.

In general, conflict resolution training is interdisciplinary with compulsory subjects from various departments, including ethics, psychology, counseling, politics, organizational development, sociology, interpersonal communication, intercultural communication, leadership and management, and legal problem solving. 

This of course will vary depending on the program, but degrees will likely be based on multiple disciplines. In addition, courses can be part of the program and cover conflict theory, negotiation theory, controversial systems design, and alternative dispute resolution.

Conflict Resolution Training For Business Success