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Low-level laser therapy (LLLT), or 'soft laser' are other names for cold laser therapy. This treatment is believed to have been developed by Endre Mester in Hungary. He noticed that the mice treated with lasers were healthier than the ones in the control group. The idea of light-assisted healing was born.

More than 30 years ago, coherent light beams were developed. They have been used to treat many conditions, mainly in Canada and Europe. To avoid heat, the beams can be administered in a single beam or multiple beams. There were not yet any studies to prove that these devices could provide significant benefits. This led to initial views of this treatment as skeptical. Further research was required to provide more convincing proof.

This non-invasive treatment for injuries, sprains, and strains as well as pain in joints, appendages, and soft tissue is now being accepted by many bodies. The low-power laser treatment can be used to treat two types of areas: one that targets a specific area and one that covers an entire area of the body.

You can choose the treatment that will produce the desired outcome. The first method is used if treatment is needed that is similar to traditional acupuncture, in which trigger points are targeted. 

The second is used to treat damaged tissue in a larger area. It is intended to find areas that are more severely damaged than others and stimulate healing. The second type of treatment is faster because it covers a larger area.

Cold laser therapy uses electromagnetic light waves to transfer energy to cells. This stimulates the body's ability to recover from injury in a variety of ways. It also increases circulation and ATP production which energizes cells to repair damage faster. This natural process does not require medication and allows for quick recovery.

Cold Laser Therapy – Non-Surgical Treatment For Suffering
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