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At any preschool, it is up to the teachers what they want to emphasize, but children in the range of 3-6 years old will absorb just about anything you throw at them, and we can use that time to cultivate a love of their planet, their community and maybe even teach their parents a thing or two about environmental stewardship.

One of the great things about a pre-school education is that it can set a child on a path to being curious about everything. You can also click on to get the best primary school in Holland.

There is nothing better for kids than a hands-on experience when it comes to learning. If you went to a school that had a garden or took a horticulture class in middle school or high school, then you might have come away with an appreciation for making things grow.

Pre-school could be a great opportunity to teach kids how to make things grow and take care of their environment at the same time.

Many pre-schools and early childhood education facilities have an area for a garden. Many of those same schools feed those same kids at least one meal a day.

What if they fed them that meal on a biodegradable plate or lunch tray that was compostable, and used that material to provide the mulch for the garden?

Choosing Best environment for Preschoolers
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