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Your architecture depends on the deployment model you want. Public, private, community, and hybrid are the four main types of cloud computing models that you can choose to implement in your business. You can look for the best infrastructure as a service at for running your online business smoothly.


Public cloud architecture is widely used. While there is no data ownership, this is a much more cost-effective option than a stand-alone solution. Reduced downtime, 24-hour service, ease of use, and scalability are the main features of this model.

This is a suitable deployment model for companies looking for an option that is inexpensive, easy to implement, and places less emphasis on security priorities.

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Certain organizations have a private cloud infrastructure. This offers better infrastructure control as well as the highest levels of reliability and scalability.

If you are a company that requires a higher level of security, great data management services, and personalized storage, then a private cloud infrastructure is the best choice for you.


The hybrid cloud architecture contains the best of the three solutions suggested above. It offers the best security, scalability, performance, and features of the three cloud solutions in photos.

Implementing this infrastructure model for your business will be the right solution if you can distinguish critical data from non-critical data.

Choose A Suitable Model For Deployment In The Cloud Infrastructure
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