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There are two main methods used to facilitate the integration of QuickBooks. This is batch import and backend integration. With batch import, business owners can create an export file, browse and then choose to import the file into QuickBooks. Know how It works at book keeper  quote.

With backend integration, the two systems talk to each other directly mean that all are completed in real-time.

Benefits to Accounting Firms                

Emotional capital

By facilitating the integration of QuickBooks for their clients, the accounting firm will be seen as a problem solver by their clients. Seen as advisors who can help with a broad area of business, will lead to more referrals and more overall work for every company.

Fewer Errors

Because the information is automatically updated, accounting firms will find that there are fewer errors in their clients' QuickBooks files. Decrease errors and time spent correcting accounting information will enable the company to work faster and more profitable.

Files will be accepted beginning

Accounting firms will find that their clients will submit their QuickBooks file in advance, which will allow the company to handle the busy tax season, is easy.

Because clients will spend less money on bookkeeping services, accounting firms who recommend QuickBooks integration will see that these same clients now have a larger budget for the accounting work at a higher level.

This integration enables small and medium businesses to grow by reducing working hours, improve efficiency and increase productivity.


Benefits of QuickBooks Integration for Accounting Firms