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Access control systems can be either electronically or mechanically controlled security systems that allow gates and barriers to be opened and closed to users according to a set of predetermined rules. You can look for the best access control system installation service in NSW.

Which Access Control Systems to Choose for Office Buildings

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These guidelines might include information about who has access to the system, when access can be granted, where access can be allowed, and other relevant rules.

Entrance control systems allow or bar users based upon pre-set rules.

Access control systems are basically logic gates that allow input to be passed to a processor or controller, who then processes it and returns two outcomes to an output device.


When you request access to a barrier, you will need to provide certain inputs.

It could be as simple as someone pushing against a gate, inserting keys, and turning a key. There are other ways to gain access, such as dropping tokens at a turnstile or inserting magnetic tickets, or scanning an RFID card.

Certain control systems may require a biometric reading (i.e. Some control systems require a biometric reading (i.e. thumbprint or retinal scanning), or a combination of several methods. There are many other methods that permit the security system to distinguish input, including voice analysis and security PIN.


The system's processing unit analyzes the input and checks it against access privileges or pre-set rules. It decides which access rights should be granted to the request, such as the level of security, access to restricted areas, and duration. 

A YES/NO decision is followed by other decisions such as yes-if or no-if. The controller then transmits its logic to the output system.


The system's output enforces the controller's decision to allow or deny access. An output could be opening a lock, turning a turnstile, removing a barrier, or closing down a gate.

Here are some examples of access control systems

Turnstiles are usually made up of a tripod with rotating horizontal steel arms. They can be mechanical or electronic, and open with a coin, magnetic ticket, or RFID card. An optical turnstile has an infrared barrier that sets off an alarm if it is breached.

Basic Structure of Access Control Systems
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