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How often do you admire a structure, after looking at it? May be always or maybe never. Well, it's all up to how you think or perceive things. But as far as I am concerned, they never go unnoticed by me in fact I keep on thinking about the people who create them, i.e. the engineers.

Engineering disciplines have developed to such levels that there are umpteen specialized trades today. Coming to the context, there are various different engineering domains that are associated with the building industry to give the highly effective output in the form of strong and aesthetic buildings.

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The first and most important are Architects: In the case of building projects it's the architects who are the so-called 'all-rounder.' Their work is certainly not restricted to a particular area; in fact, they are the one who is associated with the project since the beginning till the end.

Architects are involved in the planning, designing, and modeling and in the final construction process as well. They kind of look after the entire construction process however their main function is to design the architecture of the building.

Second, come Structural engineering: Another core engineering discipline that is associated with the construction of the buildings is structural engineering. Structural engineers are fully responsible for the design of the building structure.

It is their duty and responsibility to design a strong structure that can support the architecture of the building in an effective manner. Structural design and analysis are completely taken care of by the structural engineers who should be very well conversant with the design codes and standards.

The design codes and standards are created according to the environmental conditions and the geographical location of the area. And hence a building designed according to these standards will be fully capable of resisting environmental and geographical problems.

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