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Wooden shutters are the window covering. Wooden shutters usually consist of a vertical frame with horizontal rails at the top, bottom, and center. Within this solid frame are a series of slats, better known as louvers. These louvers can be vertical or horizontal and can be fixed or functional.

Shutters are used for many reasons. They can ensure privacy and also help control the amount of sunlight that enters the room. Regardless of whether they are installed internally or externally, they can help enhance the aesthetics of a building. You can also get the best wooden shutters in Melbourne via for your home.

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When used outside, they offer excellent protection from the weather. In warmer climates, they control the amount of sunlight that enters the room, while also allowing for adequate room ventilation, which can keep indoor temperatures lower. In some countries, and especially in countries with warmer climates, it is quite common to find shutters covering both doors and as well as windows.

Functional shutters are traditionally made of solid wood which is resistant to external influences such as rain and wind etc. However, due to availability and cost, they are also mass-produced in less suitable wood such as pine. 

Wooden shutters should always be worked or edited to prolong their life. Some woods, such as mahogany, cedar, and teak, are very weather resistant because of their grain structure and can remove moisture more easily than most conifers. This will extend the life of the shutter and help them not rot.

There are many different styles of shutters available to suit most applications whether it is interior or exterior. It's up to you what to choose according to your need.

All About Wooden Shutters In Melbourne
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