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The consumer of today is more enlightened. The rapid pace of technological innovation and advancement has put information at the fingertips of everyone. 

The key to success in today's marketplace is this, if you are going to sell something to someone, you have to find a way to get invited into their world as a welcome guest instead of a pest. You can also look for the best power bi marketplace service via



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Our product is not what you and I think it is, people don't care about the product, what they care about is finding a solution to the problem, whether lack of money, time, family. Your job as an entrepreneur is to position your opportunity as the solution to your problem.

How can you manage the organizational Power BI marketplace?

1.Ask yourself today, what business am I in?

2.Let me ask you a few questions:

3.What business is STARBUCKS in?

4.What business is Coscharis (BMW) in?

I know what you are thinking, Starbucks is in the coffee business and Coscharis (BMW) is in the selling of cars. No, you are wrong. 

Remember people do not care about your product/service. What they care about is finding a solution to their problem.

Now, remember the marketplace pays for value, therefore as an entrepreneur seeking to acquire value that would be beneficial. Money is the Thunder to value's lightning. "Be willing to surrender what you are for what you can become".

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