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You will see several measuring instruments on your dashboard. This is the instrument cluster. It tells you when your car is low on fuel, or if it is heating up. The speedometer is another part of the instrument cluster. This is the part that tells you if you have exceeded the speed limit. 

You may need to replace the speedometer cable at some point. If you hear a ticking sound while driving, you'll know you have to replace your speedometer cable. You can also buy speedometers online from various resources.

Speedometer Cluster

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It is essential that you know how to remove your speedometer cluster yourself if you are looking to save money. First, you will need to learn how to remove the speedometer cluster. These cables are located behind your cluster. It is crucial that you are familiar with how to remove the speedometer cluster.

It is usually very simple to take out most speedometer clusters. You can remove the speedometer with a screwdriver if you know the location of the screws. You can consult your manual to help you understand where the screws that hold the cluster together need to be removed.

After you have removed all the screws, you can now pull the speedometer cluster. The whole cluster will be exposed by this. If you're not sure which cable you should pull, refer to your vehicle's manual. It could prove difficult to reattach the correct cable if you pull the wrong one.

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