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Cuban cigars are very popular among cigar lovers. With the increasing demand for Cuban cigars, there are many retailers selling counterfeit Cuban cigars. If you are a fan of Cuban cigars, you will need to find the best resources to buy them.

Moreover, you should have good knowledge regarding their manufacturing process as well. You can do a cigar factory tour for getting a deep understanding regarding how quality cigars are made. You can find the best cigar factory tours in Tampa  via various online sources.

ybor city cigars

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If you want to protect yourself from fake Cuban sellers, you need to be careful when buying Cuban cigars. If you choose to go with an online cigar supplier, this is what you should look for.

They can see reviews from their customers. A website with positive reviews means they sell high quality cigars. This can help you find the perfect cigar seller online. Apart from that, there are a few things to note, which are explained below:

  • The overall look of the cigar box should be clean and tidy. If the box looks damaged, dirty, worn, or otherwise visible, turn it over.
  • If the color of the box is dull, don't buy it. If you are in the branded cigar market, you will find that real cigars smell great.

These steps can help you find the perfect Cuban cigar and protect you from losing money on counterfeits.

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