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Both hand and nail care must be done regularly. You should take it with you to the salons and not leave your home. Healthy nails should be strong, flexible, and pink. Sometimes, problems with nails can indicate health issues.

You can reduce the amount of nail care you do. This will cause nail skin to easily tear and become small scratches. It can cause serious infections if they aren't treated immediately with iodine or special liquid.

Although the nail structure is inherited, it can be affected by external factors such as nutrition, environment, poor care, and job habits. Healthy nails require healthy nutrition. Food must be varied and rich in vitamins and minerals. It takes half a year for nails to grow back. Nails grow on average at 2 mm per month.

You should do a manicure at least two times a month to ensure that your nails are in good condition. You can choose the location for your manicure. You can choose to have your manicure done by a professional, a friend, or even yourself. 

You will need a special manicure set if you want to do your own manicure or try it. You will need several files. It is obvious that all of these items must be kept clean. They can be boiled, or cleaned with spirit or cologne.

A nail bed protects against possible injury and infection by the use of a cuticle or nail wall. This is the most important part of nails. This intercellular material is located at the base of the nail bed. Sometimes, the matrix is described as a white hole. When they die, life nail cells become a nail plate.

All About Natural Nail Care Treatment