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Sticky tape, also known as masking tapes, is made from thin and flexible tear papers and a pressure-sensitive adhesive. This tape is used mainly in the painting industry to cover areas that need to be painted.

The taper's adhesive properties allow it to be easily removed without leaving any residue on the surface. There are many lengths of masking paper available online. They come in different widths and qualities. 

Masking tap

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The household tapes are made from thinner paper and have lower adhesiveness. Special grade masking tape creates very clean lines. These tapes can be printed with different patterns and used as decorative tools.

Also known as the parcel-sealing tapes, or box-sealing taps, packing tapes are also called the box-sealing and parcel tapes. These tapes are used to seal fiberboard boxes with a layer or regular slotted containers. 

Duck masking tape can also be called duct fita. This is a scrim-backed, pressure-sensitive tape that can be used with different adhesives and backings. Because they are strong, flexible, and sticky, they are often used in places where other tapes are not available. 

They are also used in motorsports for the repair of fiberglass. They are also used by astronauts and engineers in spaceflight, even during emergency situations. You can even search online for more information about masking tape. 

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