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If pure cotton t-shirts provide comfort to your body, then why should you buy cotton blend t-shirts? Is producing cotton blend T-shirts the only reason to reduce the amount of cotton? In reality, mixing cotton with artificial fibers has many advantages. If you want to purchase cotton blend t-shirts in Australia, visit


First of all, what type of synthetic fibers are used? Lycra is often known as spandex and adding a small percentage of this fiber to cotton leaves the resulting composite fiber much more elastic. Such clothes are used in close-fitting shirts to improve comfort for the wearer.

Another fiber that's heavily utilized is polyester. Polyester is a very cheap artificial fiber and many dirt-cheap tops are made solely of polyester. Regrettably, this synthetic material isn't comfortable on the skin such as pure cotton. Thus the price of a top reflects its content and quality unless you're lucky enough to lay your hands on a good discount. Polycotton t-shirts with a generous percentage of cotton, often 55%, are much more comfortable and frequently feel like cotton.

Such blended fabrics provide the soft cotton softness and relaxation to the top whilst keeping the advantages of artificial fibers. In particular, polyester helps to prolong the life of the fabric because of the resistant properties. It also reduces t-shirt shortages, an issue that regularly comes with pure cotton tops.

Thus the so-called non-iron t-shirts all have a good percentage of polyester fiber to make the top immune to wear and lower the demand for entire ironing.

Not only this, the t-shirt wearer stays sharp and crisp during the day. In reality, all-cotton clothes shrink at their first wash. This is where a cotton mix t-shirt is better. Resistance to shrinkage implies that the t-shirt keeps its initial dimensions and will fit the wearer no matter how often it is washed or at what temperature.

Advantages Of Cotton Blend T-shirts