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Commercial real estate is different from residential real property in that it can be either land or buildings. These properties are meant to generate income for the buyer. This type of real estate can be divided into four types: retail, office and industrial. Multifamily is not just residential real estate, but also commercial because tenants pay rents to the owner. You can check out the commercial real estate law firm at

The purchase of retail property includes shopping centers, malls, hotels/motels, or medical centers. The purchase of multi-unit office buildings is known as office real estate. Industrial real estate is the acquisition of warehouses, garages and land for industrial purposes. Multifamily buildings house multiple families and are different from single-family residences. This category includes apartments, condos, and duplexes.

Many people aren't sure how commercial real estate agents and residential real estate agents differ when they first buy commercial property. Their jobs are essentially the same. The listing and showing of properties is handled by a real estate agent. They coordinate with other brokers involved in the transaction.

There are many things that must be done when listing commercial property. When determining the sale price, there are many things to consider. Prospective buyers will also need to have copies of business records. It is important to consider the value of fixtures and machinery that are attached to the property when calculating the total cost.

A First Time Buyers Guide To Commercial Real Estate in Ontario