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The process of kitting and assembly involves putting together bundles of specific items into packages that are ready to ship to retailers, distributors, or even directly to consumers. 

When you receive an order from your customers, the typical process is to begin to find the products, package them, and ship them off. However, when working through a kitting service, you’ll simply need to forward any orders you receive to the 3PL service provider.

They will receive your order details, including the items you need to deliver as well as the customer's shipping address. As a business owner, you must hire kitting and fulfillment services via The typical kitting process falls into three steps:

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Collecting items – By moving around the warehouse, they will collect all of the items included in the order. These are checked, and rechecked, again using technology, making sure that the correct items are selected.

Packaging items – Once all the correct items are assembled, they are then packaged. By using packaging with your logos, as well as your personal packaging style, they will make sure your products look fantastic in their boxes. Each box will go through quality assurance to make sure it’s as good as it can be.

Shipping – After each box is ready to go, they will load them up onto a shipping service. From there, shipping partners will begin to distribute your product to the correct addresses. Once again, several forms of quality-assurance technology will check the address before delivery, ensuring that the package ends up exactly where it needs to be.

When you work with these fulfillment centers, they make these three steps easy for your business as possible. With continual updates, you’ll be getting regular information about how far along the process each order is. They tend to offer total transparency.

3PL Kitting and Assembly Fulfillment Services